Monday, March 10, 2008

The Naked Truth

You know you are“software professional” when

• You laugh at the words above in “ ” …’coz there’s nothing professional about you.

• Your day is terribly screwed up if the coffee machine doesn’t work.

• You see a stampede in the opposite cubicle when the guy there opens a “Monaco Biscuits” packet.

• You feel sad for the losers and open a biscuit packet yourself…and then feel sad no one is rushing at you.

• You realize after your first appraisal cycle that “Proactive” is not a shampoo.

• Your “problems” are replaced by “issues”.

• You constantly BELIEVE that the guy next to you is a vegetable….till he gets a raise ahead of you. He’s still a vegetable…but you just discover his name “Mr. Bitter Gourd”.

• You keep asking for answers in English but you realize that people have started speaking in “Managese”.

• You quit feeling bad about pilfering office supplies…instead you plan to open your stationery shop with the unused ones.

• You watch reruns of HBO “Sunday Blockbuster” in your mind to pass time in the team meetings

• You bleat your false attitude through “Tantra” t-shirts.

• You do the above point only on Fridays …’coz you’ve got a dress code to follow.

• You see your manager in the terrorist you head shoot in Counter Strike.

• You classify exercise as running to catch the lift when it is just about to close.

• Your end of the day crisis is that you’ve forgotten to SWIPE OUT.

You laugh at every single point ‘coz they are so true …and at the last point you feel depressed realizing all the points are YOU…


JC said...

I laughed!! :|

rohit said...

Very true... the Naked Truth!!!

oneharsh said...

Great man. Kali u rock !!!