Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Appraisal....from the makers of The Grudge!!!

I guess the title says everything

Korbo,Lorbo,Jeetbo ???? arey!!!!

First things first.... I am not gonna kick a team that is down already... I do not hate this team; on the contrary I love it!! Just for one reason Dada Dada Dada!!

Yes...they've lost every match that they've played completely...they still cant figure out who the fuck their skipper is....and with Sun-fuckin-Tzu as their coach...they seem be perpetually living in a 1984 state of mind.

Now...this team is down....out...booted ..from IPL 2.0; but this is exactly what maketh the team extremely dangerous. This team cannot do anything by winning matches and points...fuck it...they are not gonna make it to the semis anyway.

This is what the KKR(I still use kolkata for the reason that is Dada)can&should do now.

1. Since there is no pride left of their own, play for the other team's pride. Wait!!! before you say WTF...let me explain...take one team, one match at a time...and rape the bastards like there was no tommorow.

2. Okay the first point was far fetched

3. Target the star batsmen, bowlers of the opposition, sledge them, cuss them, hit them out of the park( applies for both batsmen and bowlers)..doesnt matter if you lose....leave the impression that you're are rabid dogs and the opposition is...well.. a bitch in heat.

4. Get Dada to speak more in your press conferences....only in bengali... then watch this man can play mental games!! kaapi debo...tipe debo!

5. On a very Zen note... I'd end saying "Play every over like it is the super over"...

Change your slogan from Korbo...lorbo...jeetbo..


"In your face comes the charge of the Knight Brigade"

Aaaaaaaaaaaah ....i let out some steam finally!!!

Dedicated to my cubicle mates.

Suck on this( the only good thing SRK did in IPL2.0)